Company Overview:

We are a small, precision sheet metal fabrication firm specializing in rapid prototyping and production. We can advise you in product development and design, with individual items or assemblies. Computer accuracy (using CNC equipment) allows close tolerance dimensions to be obtained.

In addition, we also have in-house welding (MIG, TIG, & resistance welding).

Custom Metal Art Works are available as well. See HERE


For prototyping, light production, design, or repairs, call


  Call Us @ 865-577-0442
or FAX US @ 865-577-5283

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     Commercial & Industrial Products:

                                     19 Inch rackmount panels
                                Display unit boxes
                               Safety covers
                                Electrical panels
                               Boxes and enclosures
                               Carts & tables

Product Examples



Advance Metal Fabrication- since 1995

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Knoxville, Tennessee  37920