Custom Metal Art Projects

by Advance Metal Fabrication

Copper Range Hoods

Metal Sculpture in Serenity Garden at East Tennessee Children's Hospital

Metal art created by John Ryan and Darren Roberts - designed by Marga Hayes McBride.

Art designed by Marga Hayes McBride- Serenity Garden at East Tennessee Children's Hospital

Metal work by John Ryan and Darren Roberts.

Yard Art

Metal art sculpture by John Ryan. Stainless steel & hollow- when the metal expands & contracts (with changes in temperature) it emits a lovely, resonating tone. They are all unique- varying in design, timbre, size, finish, etc...

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Metal cameo head of Davy Crockett and metal letters for Crockett Tavern Museum sign

Custom Signs for Local Farmer (to be painted by customer)

Custom Table Top: hot roll steel with beautiful copper-like patina finish

Custom Stainless Steel Table Top (home prep table):

Customer feedback for S/S prep table pictured above: "The table top fit PERFECTLY and is a work of art. In short, we love it."

Custom Metal Fence Panels



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